Vol 1, No 35 (2013)

Table of Contents

Robust algorithms of objects movement detection in the viewing field of the lighting control system PDF
I. G. Prokopenko, K. I. Prokopenko, A. J. Churina 9-13
Secondary wave control system of the coriolis vibratory gyroscope resonator PDF
V. V. Chikovani 58-61
The concept of creating of computer-aided design of process equipment PDF
V. M Sineglazov, A. A. Titarchuk 80-83
Justification of the mathematical model of steady-state visual evoked potentials as a linear random process PDF
M. Ye. Fryz, M. A. Stadnyk 100-106
Approximation of solutions of fractional differential equations of variable order with using the s-transform PDF
A. V. Vasyliev, V. V. Vasylyev, L. A. Simak 14-23
Linearization of transfer characteristic of intelligent capacitance sensor PDF
I. Yu. Sergeyev 62-66
Combined complementary filter for inertial navigation system PDF
M. K. Filiashkin, M. Novik 84-88
The neural scheme of an electronic composer PDF
A. V. Vishnevsky 107-110
The experimental research on sugar content in liquids influence on pressure oscillation PDF
A. V. Skripets, V. G. Romanenko, J. R. Levit, V. V. Levkovsky 24-29
Justification of aerodynamic efficiency increase methods in gearless horizontal-axis wind turbines PDF
V. M. Sineglazov, V. V. Kozyrskyy, M. I. Trehub 67-74
Synthesis of programmable nanoelectronic devices PDF
O. S. Melnyk, S. V. Todavchych 89-94
Multistep procedure of statistically concerted group preferences system implementation PDF
V. V. Kamyshyn 111-121
Dynamic characteristics of operator’s “visual channel” with using cathode-ray tube monitor PDF
J. V. Petrova 30-34
Limit cycles in nonlinear systems of stabilization PDF
A. K. Ablesimov, K. A. Polezhay 75-79
Change of the effectiveness of project management approaches at different levels of uncertainty PDF
I. O. Pylypenko 95-99
Determine the distance stable connection for unmanned aerial vehicle under the influence of city conditions PDF
Ye. I. Gabrussenko, R. O. Zadorozhny, I. O. Stashenko, N. M. Bilous 122-125
The distortion of radio signals spectra by parametric system “basic antenna – fuselage of helicopter” PDF
V. A. Ivanov, A. S. Zadorozhniy 35-40
Determination of unmanned aerial vehicle stable connection distance under the influence of woodland PDF
Ye. I. Gabrussenko, R. O. Zadorozhny, A. V. Lesnik 126-129
Application of hilbert-huang transform in cerebral blood flow regulation PDF
Y. Y. Onikienko, I. A. Vasylchuk, Y. V. Nahorna, L. V. Pryimak 41-45
Analysis of arbitrary propagation of electromagnetic waves through the polarization-selective surface PDF
Yu. F. Zinkovskiy, Yu. K. Sydoruk, A. O. Turovskiy 130-135
Technical and economic comparison of direct converters of electric energy parameters PDF
B. E. Pjanikh 46-52
Simulator as a teaching system PDF
S. P. Borsuk 136-141
The process of self-organization in time lighting formation in thundercloud medium PDF
A. D. Lyubimov, A. H. Knuryev 53-57
Damping of liquid oscillations in a right circular cylinder with radial ribs PDF
Y. M. Kemenyash, V. S. Yatskivskiy 142-145
Minimization of the mean access time to the hierarchical memory system PDF
A. S. Yurchenko, M. F. Тupitsyn, I. A. Stepanenko 146-149
The improvement of asm-algorithm for automatic placement of the face control points PDF
D. M. Fedorov 150-154

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