V. A. Ivanov, A. S. Zadorozhniy


The relative depth periodic pulsations irregular directivity diagram electromechanicalformation with pin antenna body helicopter at other identical conditions depends on the establishment ofstandard vibrator. Based on numerical modeling are created graph dependencies relative levels ofdirectivity diagram pulsation from time in three coordinate planes. Been found that reduced pulsationdiagram when placing antenna under the fuselage near to its center, but increases if antenna placed abovefuselage near the tail part of it. Within period of one form pulsing directivity diagram is almost independenton the number of blades main rotor helicopter


Helicopter fuselage; main rotor; antenna system; directivity diagram; unequal diagram; pulsations diagram; mathematical modeling


Standard R 50860-2009. (2009). Planes and helicopters. Antenna-feeder device communications, navigation, landing and ATC. General technical requirements, specifications, methods of measurement. ICS RF no 8–200 (in Russian).

V. A. Ivanov and A. S. Zadorozhniy, “The distortion of radio signals spectra by parametric system basic antenna - the fuselage of helicopter.” Electronics and Control Systems. NAU, Kyiv, no. 1(35), 2013. pp. 35–40. (in Ukrainian).

V. A. Ivanov and A. S. Zadorozhniy, “Helicopter screw rotation influence on form directional diagram onboard antenna.” Electronics and Control Systems. NAU, Kyiv, no. 1(39). 2014. pp. 71–76. (in Ukrainian).

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