On the problems of radar detection of zones of possible aircraft icing-in-flight

A. A. Pitertsev


This paper analyzes the conditions of formation and detection of zones of probable aircraft icing in the flight. The existing polarimetric radar detection algorithm, that was initially proposed by F. Ya novskyand A. Shupyatsky for hazardous icing zones is described. It is shown that initial conditions for it correct operation suggest of distribution of different types of hydrometeors (supercooled water drops and ice crystals) in the space. It occurs in the case of stratiform scenario formation of icing conditions in the clouds. It is shown that stratiform scenario is not the only possible scenario of icing condition forming. In another scenario, formation of zones of dangerous icing theoretically allows simultaneous presence in the resolution volume of both types of hydrometeors: water droplets and ice crystals


Polarimetric radar; in-flight icing; hydrometeors


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