Fast frequency synchronization systems

I. G. Prokopenko, I. P. Omelchuk, Y. D. Chyrka, K. I. Prokopenko


The new methods of acceleration harmonic signal frequency tracking based on estimates ofinstantaneous frequency and phase, are proposed and investigated. Better efficiency of new systems e.g. quicker transient process and bigger frequency range is proved in comparison with conventional system of frequency synchronization


FLL; PLL; fast frequency discriminator; frequency and phase tracking; instantaneous frequency estimation; nonlinear control systems


Dan Talbot, Frequency acquisition techniques for Phase-locked loops, IEEE Press, 2012 – 236 p.

Pat. № 2 345 679, UA, IPC H03G3/20. МПК G01R23/00. Method for harmonic signal frequency estimation. I. G. Prokopenko, I. P. Omelchuk. Publ. date: 20.05.2009.

Prokopenko, I. G.; Omelchuk, I. P. and Chyrka, Y. D. “Radar signal parameters estimation in the MTD tasks,” JET, June 2012, no. 2 (58), pp. 159–164.

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