Design of sustainable power systems with high-power density electronics

Trevor C. Smith, S. E. Lyshevski



Nanotechnology-enabled high-power and high-energy densities microelectronics, power electronics, energy sources and energy storage solutions are examined. Proof-of-concept selfsustained power systems are designed with applications in autonomous and semi-autonomous aerospace, naval and security platforms. Research and technology developments are performed in energy conversion, energy harvesting, energy management and energy storage. We research and demonstrate the following key components and modules: (1) Low-power microelectronics; (2) High-power-density semiconductor devices (power transistors) and advanced power electronics; (3) Enabling energy harvesting sources, such as solar cells and electromagnetic generators; (4) Advanced energy storage solutions; (5) Enabling energy management systems. Energy sustainability and concurrency are essential to ensure the overall functionality of various power, flight, propulsion, navigation and other systems. We design, test and evaluate prototypes of integrated power systems for different applications. High power and high-energy densities, robustness, safety and affordability are ensured by using advanced technologies, frontend microelectronics, modular designs, practical system organizations, consistent control schemes and enabled energy conversion solutions. Our systems meet generic requirements and common specifications. These systems are able to provide power and energy in continuous and impulse operating envelopes up to hundreds of joules. Closed-loop systems are designed ensuring control and diagnostics. Experimental results are reported to validate and substantiate the proposed solutions



autonomous platforms; electronics; energy; microelectronics; power systems; sustainability


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