Non-linear dynamics of advanced airframe aircraft based on state-transformation method

Avnish P. S. Chauhan, Sergey Edward Lyshevski


This paper focuses on nonlinear dynamics, optimization and control of longitudinal and lateral dynamics of flight vehicles. For advanced airframes and multiple control surfaces, it is impossible to linearize and decouple longitudinal and lateral dynamics. Nonlinear analysis and control are performed. For a given enabling airframe and control schemes, a robust design concept is researched. A consistent design is applied with a minimum level of simplifications and assumptions. Our findings are verified and demonstrated for practical problems. The reported design enables near-real-time implementation due to conceptual consistency, robustness, computational efficiency and algorithmic effectiveness. The proposed conceptis effective in design of flight control and management systems


tracking control; nonlinear aircraft dynamics; state-transformation method; proportional-integral control


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