O. S. Melnyk, I. I. Yurchyk


The paper describes the computer-aided design of nanoelectronic circuits with programmable logic on quantum majority components is implemented. The single-electronic component base has the greatest influence on such basic parameters of modern computer systems as performance exceeding 10 THz, power consumption less than 1 nW and submicron dimensions. Methods of constructing arithmeticological computing devices of combinational and sequential types, which realize almost complete system of logical functions both in majority and in Boolean bases, are offered. The design of reliable nanoelectronic circuits with programmable logic based on the technology of quantum automata has been described. While constructing majority circuits the interaction of Colomb forces using. The order of syntesis and programming of various types of arithmetic-logic nanodevices has been analyzed.


Quantum cellular automata; majority logic; computer-aided design


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