O. V. Statsenko, D. S. Nedashkivsky


This article is devoted to the development of adjustable electronic load for direct current power supply testing systems. The structure of the electronic loadunit, which allows to regulate the currents of the tested source and carry out the recovery of energy to the electrical grid, is described in the article. The structure of thisunit includes booster converters, working on a common direct current link, full-bridge inverter, smoothing filter and electrical grid transformer. The basic relationships for element parameters calculation of constituent parts are determined. The control devices of converters and inverter, in which relay current regulation is implemented, are developed. In the Matlab Simulink software environment a model of the proposed electronic load is realized. With the use of developed model researches were conducted, which confirmed the ability of the proposed electronic load to regulate input currents and perform energy recovery.


Electronic load; energy recovery; testing of power supplies


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