A. Al-Ammouri, H. A. Al-Ammori, A. E. Klochan, O. P. Tymchenko, A. Al-Ahmad


The paper deals with the questions of analysis and estimation the information reservation validity increase in information-control systems. A device for parallel-serial information reservation has been developed to increase the reliability and validity of data and minimize the limiting factors: reducing the number of parallel reserved information source, information aging time, correlation of random noise, failures and self-restoring failures in information and control systems. The results of mathematical modeling of the device operation are presented, by which it can be concluded that if the parallel and sequential information redundancy is correctly combined, then the number of reserved information source and the number of consecutive checks can be optimally reduced to increase the reliability of the data. The development and use of a device based on a combined reservation to ensure high reliability of information in the information and control systems, as well as a significant reduction in the probability of nondetected and false alarms in alarm dangerous situations systems.


Efficiency; information reservation; information-control systems; mathematical modeling; increasing the data reliability; device


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