V. M. Sineglazov, V. K. Klymniuk


This article is devoted to the construction of a test bench for quality control of an axial generator, which is a part of a low-power wind power plant. The axial generator reaches the working power at a wind speed of 3–3.5 m/s, ensuring high efficiency of the wind power plant. To conduct the quality control of axial generators it is suggested to use a test bench composed of the following elements: watt-meter; rpm (or rotation speed) regulator; collector motor; ammeter; voltmeter; tachometer (or rotation speed sensor); controller. The proposed bench provides the determination of the generators power at different speeds of rotation of the engine and simulates the effect of wind. The introduction of such a test bench allowed to obtain experimental data that would improve the quality of axial generators and thereby improve the efficiency of the wind power plant.


Wind power plants; generator; speed controller; wattmeter; motor; axial flux


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