A. P. Kozlov, R. L. Pantyeyev


A brief overview of the gathering information existing means about the emergencies is given. The system with the artillery launch of aerospace video surveillance equipment is considered, and the structure and functioning of the emergency zone suborbital video surveillance system are defined. It was shown the necessity of the remote control devices set development for reducing the video surveillance unit. The aerostat-parachute system with remote control by the operator on the radio channel is proposed. The structure and parameters of the automatic control system for the descent vehicle movement is analyzed. The implementation evaluation of the technical solution, parameters calculations of the aerostat-parachute system were made. Using software (Project 1), It was the optimal weight calculated by the given aerostat-parachute system parameters that was displayed on the speed versus time graph.


Natural disaster; emergency incident; video surveillance system; artillery launch; aerostat-parachute system; descent parameters


R. Emden, The fundamentals of aerobatic. Moscow; Leningrad, 1936, 135 p.

V. E. Kuzmichev, Laws and formulas of physics. Directory. Kiev, Naukova Dumka, 1989, 864 p.

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