Vol 13, No 2 (2017)

Table of Contents


Super-Earth at a distance of less than 1,000 AU in Solar system is absent PDF
А. П. Видьмаченко 64-67
Sources of solar energy and interplanetary magnetic field PDF
В. Н. Криводубський 68-80
Simulation of large-scale structure of Universe with Gaussian random fields PDF
А. В. Тугай, В. В. Войцеховський 81-84
Client-server interaction in geoinformation reference system PDF
М. Д. Богославський 85-90
About time of hydrogen burning in stellar entrails. New formulas for approximation PDF
В. А. Захожай, С. И. Забуга 91-94
Post-launch radiometric calibration of electro-optic sensors for Earth from space observation by differential method with the taking into account atmosphere transmittance coefficient PDF
Я. І. Зєлик, С. В. Чорний, Л. В. Пiдгородецька 95-99
Geoinformation technologies in problems of power consumption efficiency analysis PDF
В. І. Зацерковний, А. О. Ралко, Л. В. Тустановська 100-111
Using navigational technologies in geologistics problems PDF
О. Є. Нiколаєнко, А. М. Козуб 112-115
Probabilistic-statistical sequential analysis of the results of geodetic measurements PDF
В. М. Гладiлiн, Н. С. Шудра, А. О. Дубкова 116-122

ISSN: 2411-6602