А. М. Казанцев, І. В. Сердюков


From the MPC catalogue There were selected asteroid which can approach to the Earth (NEAs) withperihelion distances q<1.3 AU. The total asteroid quantity was 7800 by the beginning of 2012. In order to estimationof all existing NEA’s quantity a power-law for asteroid size distribution was used. An approximate formula forcalculating of the asteroid size D by on the absolute magnitude H was used as well. It was obtained that all existingNEAs with з H <16m D>2.5 km) may be considered as opened by today. The number of existing NEAs with D >1 km should be about 2000. This number is almost twice the number of asteroids that are open today. Spatial orbitdistributions for NEAs of different sizes around the Earth’s orbit at different ecliptic longitudes (different seasons) were constructed. The most orbit quantities passes near the Earth’s orbit at =90◦−140◦ (August–October). It isabout 30% higher than the minimum value at =90◦−140◦ (December–January). About 150 asteroids with sizesgreater than 1 km and about 150 000 asteroids with sizes greater than 100 m passes near the Earth’s orbit at adistance of less than 0.2 AU in average during a year.


asteroid dynamics; near-Earth space.


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